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Anyone who has gone through a floor replacement or removal process understands it can be a bit grueling. The stressful bit could be preparing the space for the contractors and setting a proper date when you might be home to attend to the schedule. It would help to understand the basic timeline of a tile removal company in Mesa.


Our team of professionals will arrive at the premise in the stipulated time. Observing time ensures everyone continues with their program in the consecutive hours and days that follow the removal of the floor. 

We carry all the needed equipment to complete the job from the beginning to the end. A right contractor will avid driving trucks in and out of the neighborhood throughout the day. The top priority will be to make you feel comfortable receiving our services. 

Another aspect of time-consciousness is beginning the project within a reasonable timeframe. We do not waste time redoing the floors, and seconding concluded reports of inspections. We can chip away the floor shortly after setting up the tools. 

The aftermath of floor removal

Floor removal jobs involve the production of plenty of waste and debris. Our team will suction the produce with the technology attached to the breakdown machine. You can expect our services to virtually eliminate dust that is harmful to your home and family with extreme efficiency. 


Dust disasters can leave one-pound dust debris from one square foot of removed tile. We know how to prevent the virtual headache of hiring new cleaners and the real headache of inhaling the dust. You will not wipe off a layer of dust from cabinets, walls, furniture, and flooring.

Fungi and bacteria

These growths are not apparent to the homeowner’s eye because they may exist within the layers of rotten hardwood or wet carpet. Unfortunately, even an immaculate house will have a bit of fungus or harmful bacteria growing within small cracks on the floor. 

There are approximately 7000 bacteria and 2000 fungi within the dust of a home. These growths will be released into the atmosphere during the floor removal process. The suction system takes in the content and prevent further damage through inhalation. 

What causes an increase in growths and dust on floorings?


An increase in dust can occur during a change of seasons. Summer is bound to have more dust in the air due to the lightness of dust from the ground. Areas that are prone to other dust contamination are usually within high wind areas with a dry climate. 


Mold and mildew will grow due to the presence of water on the floor and the atmosphere. Here are a few situations that increase moisture:

  • Spilling liquids on the floor
  • Improper drying of the floor after a wash
  • A roof leak that drips water to the floor 

Preventing the growth of mold and the increase of dust is a smart way of protecting your family. You have the guarantee that Floor Dozers understands your commitment to the family’s health. Testimonials from previous clients will reveal our high level of professionalism and details of our tile removal company in Mesa.




Tile Removal Company Mesa

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