Lubbock Roofing Companies

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Lubbock Roofing Companies

When looking at Lubbock roofing companies for your upcoming home renovation, consider all companies carefully before making your final decision. Contact Quality Exteriors with any questions you may have and request a free in-home consultation to discuss material types and installation costs. In the end, the time you spend in research will directly impact the results you experience.


Quality Exteriors is home to the highest quality materials you’ll find. Expert installations guarantees your 100% satisfaction with the end result. Feel free to contact a specialist from QE for a free, no-obligation estimate of your roofing project. For performance metal roofing that is backed by superior installation, trust the leader in Lubbock roofing companies with your new roofing system.


Homeowners are consistently surprised to learn about the benefits associated with today’s metal roofing. Not only are modern metal roofs among the most durable option for protecting your home, they offer up to 3 times the lifespan of more traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt and wooden shingles. A metal roof has the ability to protect your home for 50-70 years! Combine long life with virtually endless options in color, texture and style and you have a product well worth investing in.


One of the greatest advantages to owning a metal roof comes from its virtually maintenance-free properties. To ensure optimum performance and longevity of your metal roof, avoid the following:


– Walking on your metal roof system anytime it is not absolutely necessary. While your metal roof can stand up to occasional foot traffic, it was not designed to be continuously walked upon.


– Never use a pressure washer to shoot water up on to your roof system as the pressure can cause water to penetrate under the panels and cause damage to the underwater of your roof. Even a hose can prove to be damaging in this regard- rather, purchase a brush and long handle for removal of debris that rain water fails to wash off of your roof.


– Harsh chemicals can strip your metal roof of its slick coating that serves to allow snow and debris to slide off of your roof. Not all Lubbock roofing companies share this valuable information with their clients- and the results can be disastrous.


– Never attempt self-cleaning your metal roof before first reading the manufacturer’s material that will advise what types of products should and should not be used and with which type of equipment. A few minutes spent in research may save you from the costs of having to re-coat your metal roof.


Quality Exteriors offers financing for your new metal roof so you can pay over time rather than having to pay all at once. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to budget for a new roof- damage can occur unexpectedly. Clients find it comforting to know they can get pre-approved for a new roof from one of the most renown Lubbock roofing companies. Quality Exteriors is happy to help you apply for financing. Feel free to call one of their experts at 806-792-2400.


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