Log Home Restoration 100 Mile

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Log Home Restoration 100 Mile

A lot of log homes lose their luster when they are not properly maintained. It is reasonable to call experts that specialize in log home restoration within 100 miles to perform periodic inspection of your log house.

Our Maintenance and Restoration Service 

If you have a new log home, we have a highly efficient way of preventing major problems from arising. We can also convert your log homes from it’s outmoded look to a gorgeous structure. 

You don’t have to worry about the appearance of your log homes as we restore them to a hundred percent elegance. Our maintenance and log home restoration service within 100 miles include;

  • Log Surface Preparation 

The log surface will first be prepared for the series of other restoration processes. The logs will be thoroughly cleaned and dried to remove any moisture, dirt, or particle.

Our preparation process involves evaluation of the structure to locate log decomposition areas, leakages, molds, and so on. This process helps to detect the cause of major issues and what needs to be restored and replaced. Our assessment process is thorough and our log home renovators ensure every part of your log home is examined and prepared for the restoration process.

  • Wood Preservation 

Before other processes such as staining and sealing of wood are done, we preserve the wood. This preservation helps to repel and harm insects that contribute to wood destruction.

They also prevent wood decay and deterioration. Our wood preservation process is comprehensive and we apply liquid-based preservative to the wood. This will aid the diffusion into the different layers of the wood and ensure every layer is protected. 

  • Staining

To restore the beautiful look of log homes we stain them with acrylic-based stains, oil-based stains, or latex-based stains. Apart from the aesthetic benefit of these finishes, these stains help to prevent water and moisture penetration which prevents rot and gradual deterioration. 

It also serves as protection from ultraviolet radiation and microorganisms. Log home builders in CA use top-quality finishes for our clients which are long-lasting and practical.

  • Sealants

Water penetration and openings within the wood are a great contributor to the run-down of log homes. With that in mind, we proceed to seal areas that can serve as an entrance for moisture, air, insects, and so on. Chink or caulk is used to properly seal off these areas which are usually around the edge of walls, windows, and doors. Grip stills can also be used for larger gaps, like door bucks and windows. 

  • Gutters and Drainage Inspection 

One of the perks of our log home restoration within 100 miles is that we offer inspection of gutters and drainages. We ensure that your drainage is working properly. Replacement of leaking downspouts is done to prevent wood damage.

Log home maintenance and restoration should be done periodically to reduce the cost of a complete log home renovation. We are capable of providing the best log home maintenance and restoration for our clients. Our services are affordable and prompt. Contact Superior Log Restorations
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Log Home Restoration 100 Mile