Bathroom Renovation South Surrey

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Bathroom Renovation South Surrey

Renovating your home or parts of your home can be a daunting task both physically and financially. New Vision Projects is one of the top-rated home renovation companies that offer bathroom renovation in South Surrey. We offer affordable yet aesthetically appealing bathroom solutions that complement your home needs.

How much does it cost to renovate a small bathroom?

The cost of remodeling will largely depend on the type of layout that you use. Renovating work that involves taking down walls and putting up dividers will cost you more while simple small remodel works will cost comparatively less. The most expensive part of your bathroom remodeling is the cost of labor.

The cost of the materials necessary for a small bathroom remodel will span anywhere between c$10,000 and c$15,000. This price includes fixtures such as new toilet, bathtub, sink, new tiling, Vanity and a countertop. The cost of labor for a 100 square feet bathroom can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $7,000.

Ideas for Bathroom remodeling

Our team of designers and contractors work diligently to offer beautiful budget-friendly designs for bathroom renovation in South Surrey. Our primary motive is to cut down the costs that our client spends on a remodel, hence our team is always on the lookout for cheap, yet modern design solutions for bathrooms.

We limit the number of tiles to a limited area and paint the rest of the bathroom to give a classy touch while counting down on the cost significantly. We choose imperfect granite slabs for countertops because they come at very low prices. When you place the sink and faucets on the slab, they take up a lot of surface area, making it almost impossible to see the imperfections on the countertop.

Painting is a great remodel option for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on a remodel. Using good quality paint with a satin finish will give your bathroom a brand new look. Installing new towel racks, light fixtures, and sink faucets are some of the other budget-friendly remodel options.

How do I start to remodel my bathroom?

To cut back on the expenditure, many people search for DIY Bathroom remodeling tips and methods online. As much as it is possible to do it all by yourself, be warned that you could end up paying more than if you outsourced it to a contractor. The best ways to remodel your bathroom are:

  1. Start with establishing your bathroom makeover design, color scheme, fixtures, storage spaces, etc. Buy all the required remodeling tools and supplies with the help of your store vendor
  2. Demolish your current bathroom fixtures and tiles. Work on installing a new Shower, bathtub, accessories, and floor tiles.
  3. As a final step, start painting, hang the drywall, install the vanity and cabinets. Finish off by roughing-in the Plumbing

We would love to bring your dream bathroom to life. Contact New Vision Projects today, a specialized service provider for bathroom renovation in South Surrey. 

Bathroom Renovation South Surrey